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5 Ways I wore my Bun Nursing Tank

Posted on August 02 2016

Mama Style in Fabbricadellearti Tank Tops

California living automatically calls for a closet full of tanks! Luckily for you mamas to be or new mamas…Bun makes a whole line of colorful and basic nursing tanks that you can wear during pregnancy and long after. They can be worn alone or paired with other closet items and your favorite jewelry pieces to complete your personalized look. 

Not only are you super cute in your Bun tank, but you are super productive as it allows you to breastfeed on the go. It’s a busy world out there, who has time to run off and change or hide to breastfeed, better yet, who wants to?

We have plenty of moms that also wear their Bun apparel long after nursing since the quality fabric make for long lasting pieces!

Here are some looks that I love and hope it will inspire your nursing style and how to wear your Bun tanks!


Live Well Mama in the Fabbricadellearti Pencil Stripe Nursing Tank Top

You can pair it with your favorite hat for a day out with your bebe or maybe you just need a little time for yourself to grab a coffee and catch up with the girls. Either way you won’t need to be worried about someone calling you out for wearing nursing gear. Actually, you will probably catch yourself bragging about it!



 Live Well Mama in Fabbricadellearti grey nursing tank top while at the gym.

Wear it at the gym when you go get your fitness on! It’s super comfy and is a easy to wash piece that can be used to accompany your sporty look! Add some much needed compression socks like these Tootsies Socks to help with swelling, your favorite baseball cap, turn on that playlist, and get that heart rate going hot mama!



 pregnant belly picture

Want to show off your adorable baby bump? Tie this one up a little above your bump and go on with your beautiful self! Did you know exposing your belly to the sun can also assist with baby’s eye development? We love that vitamin D, but don’t forget that sunscreen. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t be cute and sassy!




Facing one of those random not so great weather days but not chilly enough to justify a sweater? Grab your favorite light jacket or flannel, or maybe an infinity scarf to add into the mix. Bun tanks and this Softie Tee aren’t just for hot weather, they are useful all year around and make for great layering pieces.



 pregnant woman in the sun at a swimming pool wearing Fabbricadellearti

Swim day? Yes, please! There are numerous summer colors to choose from you will have trouble only choosing one, so grab a few, you deserve it. We love wearing our tanks to the water on a hot summer day! You can wear it over your swim wear until you’re ready to get in the water and be breastfeeding ready right on the sand or swimming pool. Don’t miss pairing your favorite shorts and stylish flip flops like Havianas to complete this casual look.


What are your looks? Don’t forget to take pictures in your bun gear, tags us @bun_maternity and use #bunmaternity for a chance to have your photo featured! We want to see all you mamas and all your creative outfits using our functional yet style friendly tops!


Article written by: Live Well Mama

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We are so lucky to have had Jeanne on Team see the before and after of her bump to breastfeeding journey, and now she is blessed with the most adorable little boy! The love is magical <3!