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How to Accessorize your Stylish Nursing Dresses with a Purpose

Posted on September 07 2016

How to Accessorize and Style Fabbricadellearti Nursing Dresses

In Stock Now!  Yes!  We are so excited to launch our newest nursing dresses that are not only seriously on-the-go-mom comfortable for everyday running around, but stylish and chic with classic silhouettes.

Welcoming the multi functioning Cross Top Nursing Maxi and the Short Shift Nursing Dress.


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Both are season-less essentials for any mama's wardrobe.

Movement.  We all need to move!  These versatile dresses do not loose their trend. They do not flounce and flip with trims, bells, and whistles. They are simply nursing savvy and are meant to be dressed up or down however suits your style.  

For working moms that may need to be breastfeeding or be pumping while working, these are great dress looks that serve the tasks at hand.  Best part, is no one is going to know these are nursing dresses!

Made with our signature cotton jersey that is also made in Australia, the dresses are lifestyle chic influenced from our California roots.

Don't let the basic look fool you.  The garments are cut to perfection with special designer attention from the top to the bottom.  Some dresses have way to much fabric and these are cut shapely to flatter your body and at the same time, cut so there is room to breathe. And eat. And play. And feel comfy and pretty!  

The length is just right for the average woman and you don't need to be worrying about hemming your dress.  Flats or wedges will do just fine and when pom pom sandals, sparkly metallic flats, Tory Burch ballets, and Converse sneeks are completely in style, the perfect length is a must to be able to show those shoes off like the star you are.

The not too too long length is also a big plus when you are running around doing errands, and having to get places on a whim.  Flats that are cute can also be comfy.  So pick 'em well so you don't have to worry about sore toes by the end of the day! 

Style it up...with Accessories and Shoes!

Style up your Bun Nursing Dresses with the right Shoes


Converse sneakers are perfect for play time and errands.  Find foldable ballet flats like these Tory Burch shoes in a neutral color to go with any color dress.  Decorate your look in style by adding sandals with flair, poms, and tassles like this favorite from Elina Linardaki.  The side slits on our nursing dresses will allow the tie up feature to show off  just right.


Keep the momentum going by adding these must haves to your nursing wear wardrobe.  Such as...teething necklaces, jackets and cardigans, and fresh straw or wool hats can really make any look reach really cute mama style heights.  

These double for function and fashion because each item serves a purpose.  Whether it be keeping your nursing baby occupied with something to grab onto, or blocking out the sun, dressing with purpose will elevate your style.  If you feel comfortable, you ARE and will feel beautiful!

Accessorize with a purpose your Bun Nursing Dresses for Fashion and Function


Chewbeads and amber teething necklaces keep busy baby fingers at bay.  Some of you know...instead of the little one pinching your nipples you may just want to stock up on some of these!

Jean jackets are classic musts!  Get a good one...all vintaged and worn out to contrast with our nursing dress style.  Plus it will keep you warm, but not too warm, and it goes with any color or dress length, maxi or shift. 

Hats.  Trucker hat. Wool hat. Straw hat like the ones from Eugenia Kim.  It's easy to go from sporty casual to elegant brunch babe in an instant with the right hat.  Yep, keeps the sun out too to preserve that youthful fresh face you have.

Combine all these elements of accessories and you have yourself the ultimate style recipe here.  Each item serves some sort of need.  Comfort, style, and nursing access on the go.  You can have it all.

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