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Hi Fellow Mamas!

I'm a mom and when I had my was crazy! No one really tells you, or at least I wasn't told, what it would be like.  Amazing, yes, but a bit chaotic, yes! I wanted to feel like I could nurse my baby whenever and where ever. When we finally ventured out of the house more, I felt empowered and relaxed because I was confidently able to feed him while being in public, quickly and easily. I also wanted to feel comfortable, considering that I could barely do hair and makeup, so I was thankful for clothing that spoke the language of mom...easy, simple, and really liveable.

Bun lives to style you with clothing that you can keep wearing from bump, breastfeeding, & well beyond.  

Taking from our California roots, Bun's coastal lifestyle inspired nursing clothing transitions beautifully through the many stages of mamahood.  The movement and versatility of each design allows a busy mom to go about her day, while incorporating breastfeeding easily at anytime.  

Made in Australia, Bun's domestic manufacturing is a commitment in people, our community, higher standards, and the environment.  Read more about us here.